About The Inventor

Having experienced stressful situations myself, I created The Original Pullover Pal as a way to reduce stress for both the drivers and officers involved in a traffic stop situation. In today’s society, no one can be too careful and the purpose is to make both the driver and officer more comfortable and prepared for any situation that may arise. We have also created a number of other Awareness products Safety vest, aprons, wheel chair and office chair chairs to name a few.

No one likes being pulled over for any reason, but hopefully, The Original Pullover Pal will make that experience less stressful and avoid misunderstandings for all parties involved.

The Pullover Pal is designed to hold all of your important documents you may need if you are pulled over. It can hold your registration, Driver’s license, and insurance card, plus any additional documentation that may be helpful to make the situation go smoothly. Such documents include a concealed weapons permit, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Cards, and many other cards